Day Tvvo, an alternative contemporary pop artist based out of Milwaukee, WI is releasing his debut N43 Records single ‘The Taste In Your Mouth’. “You’re starting to look a lot like me right now, with one foot out the door and other in your mouth.” These two lines alone summarize the intentionally conflicting energy of this track. It hints both at the nature of wanting to start completely new while simultaneously making peace with where you’re at.

‘The Taste In Your Mouth’ is a conversational piece about feeling alone wherever we are. Yet often times we don’t see all the help that’s there right around us – and the ones who want to help most, we tend to push away. This song is Day Tvvo’s open and sincere attempt to make sense of those feelings, and to help the listener feel like they are a direct part of the process.

” I’m running. Maybe it’s from something. Maybe it’s towards someone. Maybe I’m leaving time behind or maybe I’m chasing it. Joined by two dancers in a fever dream I wander around the streets filled with broken mirrors and tired bags under my eyes – looking for something.” – Kevin

Listen to ‘The Taste In Your Mouth’ now